How is the charger assembled?

How is the charger assembled?

In our previous blog of Why the 20W chargers differ in prices, we shed light on key main factors, including supported charging protocols, PCBA board quality, and customization requirements. Now, let us learn more about the assembly process of the charger and the quality of each link controlled.

I. Fine-Tuning the Foundation: Cleaning Residual Solder

The journey begins with a carefully assembled PCBA board. Technicians meticulously sweep away residual solder debris, leaving the surface spotless. This seemingly minor step is crucial, as it ensures the smooth functioning of subsequent circuitry.

II. Ensuring Circuitry Functionality

Following the cleaning, a rigorous electrical inspection ensues. Current courses through intricate pathways, akin to notes in a musical score—precise and harmonious. Only when all signals transmit flawlessly and voltage/current readings are accurate does the board receive its "pass" mark, allowing it to proceed further.

III. Fireproofing & Insulating with UL Glue

Next, attention shifts to enhancing the charger’s safety. UL glue is evenly applied onto the PCBA board, forming an invisible shield. This special adhesive boasts excellent heat resistance and flame retardant properties, safeguarding the internal circuitry against potential overheating or fire hazards.

IV. Fortifying the Shell: High-Frequency Welding

The glue-coated PCBA board is then united with the plug-socket-equipped charger shell. High-frequency welding technology takes center stage here, fusing the upper and lower halves together using high-vibration energy. This not only strengthens the charger’s structural integrity but also ensures a tight seal, shielding it from dust and moisture ingress.

V. Stringent Testing: Waveform, High Voltage,&Compatibility

As production nears completion, the rigorous quality control phase commences. The charger undergoes strict waveform and high-voltage testing to ensure its output voltage and current stability fall within prescribed safety limits, avoiding potential threats to device safety. Subsequently, comprehensive functional testing assesses the charger’s compatibility and performance across a range of devices, ensuring it can cater to diverse charging needs.

VI. Endurance Trials: Aging Tests

The final gauntlet is a series of rigorous aging tests, simulating prolonged use under extreme conditions. The charger must withstand high temperatures and heavy loads, proving its durability and reliability over time. Surviving this grueling ordeal is testament to its long-lasting service life and ability to meet user expectations.

VII. Laser Etching: Clear, Concise Information

Having passed all quality inspections, the charger receives its final embellishment—laser etching. Advanced laser technology precisely inscribes product specifications, parameters, and other critical information onto the casing, offering both aesthetic appeal and easy reference for users, reflecting the brand’s professionalism and attentiveness. If you have any customization requirement, it will be done in this part.

VIII. Upholding Quality, Delivering Trust

While each stage of the process may appear straightforward, their cumulative impact on the final product quality is profound. As the saying goes,"a miss is as good as a mile, the slightest difference leads to a huge error." Acknowledging this, we steadfastly adhere to stringent control at every juncture, diligently conducting all necessary tests, always prioritizing safety and quality above all else. We are committed to producing high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective chargers that provide buyers with peace of mind and efficient charging experiences.


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