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Introduce a good manufacturing/souring partner in China to your audience and get a good commission!

Why Partner BHD

  • Professional Service

    With more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, BHD will provide you with a deeper sight into the supply chain in china and get the right item.

  • Customized Discount

    We will develop specific coupons for your audience so that you can make your audience benefit from your recommendations of BHD.

  • Good Commisson

    $10 + the highest 20% service fee of every order your referred customers made with us.

  • Monthly Payment

    We will update the commissions each month and pay you through according to the account you provide.

  • 1-1 Support

    We will work with you to get through the process of affiliating with us if this is your 1st time introducing a business partner.

  • Referred Customer

    You will get updated on the status of your referred customers from our service person.

3 Steps to Apply and Start Your Affiliate Journey

Step 1
Submit a request: Our team will contact you as soon as possible.
Step 2
Get affiliate links: Get affiliate links and our promotion suggestions just for you.
Step 3
Start earning commissions: Share your affiliate link with others and get paid a commission!

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