Why the 20W Chargers Differ in Prices? Unveilling the Charger Secrets

Why the 20W chargers differ in prices?

When shopping for chargers, it's common to encounter seemingly similar products with varying prices, which is also the confusion of our customers recently. This article delves into the differences between two 20W wall chargers - the CD29 and the GF 20W model - explaining why they are priced differently. 

Key Factors Behind Price Differences

✦Supported Charging Protocols

CD29 Model: Priced around $2, it supports multiple charging protocols including QC (Quick Charge), PD (Power Delivery), AFC (Adaptive Fast Charging), SCP (Super Charge Protocol), and others. This versatility enables it to quickly charge various phone brands like iPhone (using PD), and Android devices from Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei (using QC, AFC, SCP).

GF 20W Model: This charger, costing about $1, is limited to PD (Power Delivery) protocol. While it's ideal for fast charging iPhones, its performance with other brands like Samsung or Xiaomi is reduced, potentially lowering the charging speed to 10W.

✦Material Used in PCBA Board

CD29: It utilizes the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology in its chipset. GaN is renowned for its efficiency in controlling temperature, a critical aspect in charger performance and safety.

GF 20W: The absence of GaN technology might result in higher operational temperatures. For example, after 40 minutes of charging a phone, the GF 20W might reach up to 59 degrees Celsius, compared to the cooler 49 degrees of the CD29 model. While both are within the acceptable range under China's 3C standard (below 70 degrees), the CD29 offers superior temperature control.

✦Customization Options

Both models offer customization features like silk printing for logos, model names, or company information, and personalized packaging. This aspect is necessary for businesses looking to brand their products uniquely.

Many customers buy our products not only for their own use but also for their own purposes. For instance, company branding and promotional activities; organizations' promotion; gift vendors' purchasing; some even cooperate with us to print their company logo on the products and use them as festival gifts for their staffs. It's also one of the reasons why the price is different from those with similar specifications.

✦Making an Informed Choice

When selecting a charger, consider factors like device compatibility, charging efficiency, and safety features. Let these guide our decision to ensure us get a product that meets our specific requirements.


Same 20W wall chargers have similar appearance but are possibly different in prices. The CD29 model, despite a little higher price, offers more value through its extensive charging protocol support and advanced GaN material, ensuring faster, more versatile charging and better temperature control. In contrast, the GF 20W model is a budget-friendly option, best suited for specific needs like charging iPhones.

Understanding these differences could help us make informed choices, optimizing our purchases in charging technology.

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