Amazon FBA Service

BHD had been serving amazon sellers since 2014, we will be the right person to guide you through all the Amazon FBA process if you are a new seller; If you are already selling other items on Amazon and try to explore more products of different categories, you can also benefit from us with a faster understanding of special products request, private label, package, stickers, shipping to Amazon warehouse by air/sea, etc.

OEM/ODM Private Label Product & Package

We can assist in starting with an MOQ of 50 pcs, a customized logo, a package to develop your brand cost-effectively, and more information about OEM/ODM.

✔ Creation of new materials, product sizes, colors, and designs based on current items.

✔ 3D printing, develop your new design products into real.

✔ Low Order Quantity of 100 pcs with Your design of packages.

✔ Kit & Bundle Products to Gain more sales.

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Quality Inspection not just AQL 2.5 Standard

● Rating of reviews is important for amazon sellers, better rating (more than 4.6/4.8, the full rating is 5.0) means a better position in the product ranking.

● We can inspect your items from raw materials, and half-assembly products to the final package. You can also share with us what quality problems ( based on your experience or other comments on Amazon) you hope us to check more seriously.

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Free Amazon FBA Labelling

It's free for us to help you stick the labels on products /packages/cartons, during your process of setting up your listing on Amazon, we will help you provide all product information.

✔ FNSKU label

✔ Shipping label

✔ Warning sticker

✔ Other labels Amazon requires

Combined Transportation to Amazon Warehouse

● If you are an Amazon seller, your “sales rank” can be damaged when your inventory runs out.  With a high sales rank, your products are much more likely to show up first on organic search results of product searches. A critical step to maintaining your sales ranks is keeping your product in stock and not letting inventory run out for seven days or more. If the product is out of stock for more than 30 days, your sales rank can virtually become zero. 

● So we will combine air shipping and sea shipping for your orders after discussing the quantity estimate to sell and expect to be in stock.

● Our shipping agent/carriers handle the customs clearance to ensure that your goods arrive at the Amazon warehouse safely and on time. (DDP= delivered duty paid)

● We offer to ship to Amazon's warehouse in different countries.

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Free Warehouse Storage

As long as you are our customer, we will offer free 6 months warehouse capacity for you so that you can decide what quantity to send to the amazon warehouse at different periods of time. Amazon storage is expensive and each seller has limited capacity.

Supply Chain Management for Big Sellers

Once you have more products & orders to deal with, you might need us to develop products, update the production process, and ship the status of cargo, we will make a VIP service for you so that you can handle multi-tasks smoothly in China. Later on, If it's necessary, we help you register and set up your office in China.

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