The Value of Trial Service

We help you to get a general idea of the factory price on specific items from China, and estimate air shipping/ sea shipping fees for you.

So that you can have a basic understanding of the product prices and quality differences you are going to sell.

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The Value of Basic Service

We help compare prices and qualities from different suppliers of the same item so that you can pick up the right product for your market.
We do general product inspection (Level Ⅱ, AQL2.5) and coordinate with factories to make sure products and packages will be produced as requested.

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The Value of Pro Service

We will serve you from your very first idea of finding/developing the right product for your purpose, not only do the product quality/price verification but also the mass production follow-up, quality check, china and local custom documents, certificates, delivered duty paid sea/air shipping service to your appointed address. You can save most of your time to focus on your edge instead of a detailed supply chain.

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If You Don't Have Suppliers Yet

If you just try to start your own business but don't have reliable suppliers from China, you can just use Sourcing Trial Plan Service.
We will help you to specify the items suitable for you in China manufacturing market, what prices and qualities you can be expecting, and the shipping fee of each from China to your country by sea/air, and you will have a QUICK (because we will reply within 24 hours) general ideas about the products you are going to sell/use. If you are satisfied with the quotations we are offering, you can ask us to collect samples for you to compare in real. Our colleague will also help you to set up and follow up on the product once you find the sample working for you.

If You Have Suppliers Already

You started your business in China a while, but you are always not sure whether there is a better supplier option than your current supplier, or you just hope to optimize the product price so that you can better negotiate with your current factory, just start with Sourcing Trial Plan Service and you can have the general cost idea ( product cost + shipping cost to your warehouse) of the specific product you are interested in within 1-2 Days ( if you are urgent, please inform us, we will try to put you in priority)

Once you find this quotation and quality working, you can start with Basic Service to choose the right product in production. For your convenience, you might also use Sourcing Pro Service, delivered duty-paidtoenjoyd service to power your business in the easiest way.

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