How we do OEM ODM

Our ODM customer engagement model includes:


1.New Project Initiation

1)  Overall project discussion

Review Material received from the Client.

Check Basic Research and Feedback to the Client if Idea, Features,

Technology, Parts and Supply Chain are feasible.

Detailed Study for biggest unknown or risk factors (incl.

getting & comparing samples or building MVP)

Draft Architecture of your Product



2).Exact definitions of product specifications

Draft Architecture of your Product

Select Main Components for Core Features.

Source Main Components at desired Quantity for Prototyping and Mass Production (including visiting vendors if necessary).

Create Detailed PRD (Product Requirements Document)

3).Costs and timetable estimates

Rough Estimation of BOM Cost for Mass Production

Rough Schedule of Whole Chain


2.Product Design

1) Develop concept and functionality

2) Create a virtual product model

Industrial Design of Product

Define Product UI Hardware

Design Product UI Behavior

Design PC Software UI/UX

Design App UI/UX

Design Web or Cloud UI/UX

Design Package & Content

Additional Communication & Project Management

Mechanical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Firmware Development

PC Software Development

App Development

Web or Cloud Development

Package & Content Development


3.Prototyping & Testing

1) Develop 3D functional product models for research and testing

Prototyping Mechanic

Prototyping Electronic

Prototyping Package + Accessory

Integrate, Test & Optimize

Estimate Production Cost & Schedule

2) Send Samples to Client

Test by Client

Collect List of Changes for next Version

Re-Estimate Time & Cost

Review & Sign-Off Changes



1) Identify and negotiate volume pricing with vendors

Final DFM Check (if fail run 1 Iteration Development +

Prototyping as DFM to generate final BOM + Sample)

Source, Negotiate & Confirm Supply Chain

2) Assure redundant supply chain

Review & Sign-Off Production Proposal  

5.Electronic Manufacturing

1) Manufacturing at ISO and IATF 16949 standards

2) Production assembly

Prepare Manufacturing Definition & Fixtures (incl. Tooling)

Fabricate Tooling & Produce T0, T1 Samples

Prepare Assembling Definition & Fixtures

Prepare In-Line Testing Definition & Fixtures

Prepare Calibration Definition & Fixtures

Fabricate Testing/Assembly/Calibration Jigs and Fixtures

Validate All Tooling, Jigs, and Fixtures

Arrange Mass production


Quality Control/Assurance

1) End of Line Validation

2) 100% full function tests

Engineering Validation Test (EVT)

Design Verification Test (DVT)

Certification Tests (CE, FCC, MFi, etc.)

Production Validation Test (PVT) = Pilot Production

Final Acceptance Test (FAT)




Service and Support

1) Logistic services

Shipping from Shenzhen

Shipping way ( Air, train, sea)

Applicable Tax (Export, Import, VAT)

Amazon FBA



2) After-sales support

Review and Value any Feedback from Client by Call/email.

Replace or Refund any defective item.




With 10 years of rich OEM/ODM experience and professional team, we have provided one-stop services of design, tooling, 3D samples, mas production, quality inspection and shipping to meet different customized needs.

Pls don't hesistate to contact us, we are open for your any idea.