About This Gig

  • Are you worrying that either you supplier is middlemen or a real manufacturer?
  • Are you facing difficulties in sourcing product from worldwide?
  • Are you facing the time and language differences while dealing with Chinese suppliers?
  • Do you have a question about the quality of product?

      I have been sourcing products for amazon from Alibaba, Made in China, 1688 for 4 years. Also, I have been working with different companies who are Gold suppliers and have trade insurance which means you can make a deal without any problem and loss. 

     We can help you with Amazon FBA, FBM products sourcing. 

     Do not worry anymore , as you have found an all in one product sourcing agent or gig with contacts in China , We can do A-Z sourcing related tasks which includes:

     1. Fast response and delivery

     2.Cost effective delivery solution

     3.Negotiate on lower MOQ 

     4.Negotiate for lower pricing.

     5.Ensuring that selected suppliers are real manufacturers not middlemen.

     6.Real time production Follow Up

     7.Order inspection  

     8.Custom Packaging & logo

     9.Manage Labelling for amazon

     10.Asking for the best logistic service with proper safety measurement and low price

     11.Detailed supplier comparison excel sheet