Class A/B/C 3 Ranges Products

Class A/B/C 3 Ranges Products

1. Brief Introduction

Now it’s coming to a hot summer. Are you going to have fun on the beach or some outdoor water activities but want to take pictures or play with mobile phones when you are playing in the water? Let's make it happen. It is great for you to buy a mobile phone waterproof bag, this LUMINOUS one. But how to choose a practical one as a promotional gift to impress your clients? Please read the below analysis to understand the product’s details and what we advise you to order a practical Luminous WaterProof Bag with quality A/A+ product.


  1. Class A B C have the similar appearance




  1. Materials, Size

All these 3 Classes of products are made of ABS+PVC material. On the one hand, it is not easy to break. On the other hand, it will not affect your touch on the mobile phone screen normally even underwater single product size is 175*105 mm.


  1. 4. SimilarLooking but with Different Performance

Class A Luminous Water Proof Bag: You can easily open the clamp and close it. Having a 0.5mm thickness and higher weight than B/C, it can protect your phones more safely. Besides, the armband is stronger than B.

Class B Luminous Water Proof Bag: It almost has the same function and the same locker as Class A. 

Class C Luminous Water Proof Bag: The locker is quite tight and hard to open. Only 0.4 mm thick, you might accidentally tear it apart if you use it many times. And it cannot includes an armband design.



5. Summary

Luminous Water Proof Bag

Class A

Class B-Class

Class C


Same Looking




175*105 mm


Same Packing with plastic backwater

Water Resistant



0.5 mm

0.4 mm

0.4 mm











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