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China Sourcing

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China Sourcing Agent

Support for Online Store Sellers

We offer complete services for online store sellers, including sourcing, custom packaging, labeling, export declaration, air or sea transportation, and better price …etc.


Sourcing and Drop Shipping Sourcing

We are a professional sourcing agent who helps you find great products, and a source in bulk to lower costs and fulfill drop shipping orders.

can certainly work directly with manufacturers, but we provide the following benefits

Reduce your inventory risk. No need to buy hundreds as most factories require.

Check product quality before shipping to minimize returns.

Set up private storage in China for you, and enable shipping to your customers globally.

Collect goods from multiple suppliers, consolidate shipping to a warehouse in your country, such as Amazon FBA by Sea Option, etc

What is our Advantage?

Before you work with us, you might have found several China manufacturers on the internet. However, you still think you have not got one because you can’t know which will be the right supplier for you.

You might get frustrated because you have been communicating with suppliers in China for months, but failed to move forward. You need someone from China who knows Chinese culture and can be “your eyes and ears” to get more accurate information and help make the correct decision on who are the appropriate suppliers.

 Why Choose us

1.Sourcing products: we can find any products for you, at least 5 suppliers for one product, so we can compare them together and choose the suitable one.

Such as comparing A B C D etc manufacturers to get a cheap price with high quality


2.Save shipping Costs: When you buy some samples and goods from different suppliers, we can collect them and pack them in one parcel and ship them to you together. For saving shipping costs and tax duty in your country.


3.Save hand fee: When you purchase from some suppliers, will cost some more bank hand fee. After you transfer us the total amount, we will pay each supplier. You only need to pay a one-time hand fee to transfer us.

Such as one supplier paid by TT need 30USD if paid to four different supplier 120USD

If all we help to purchase only 30 USD save 90USD

4.For QC Testing: If you do not come to China often, we can do the testing and make a video for you in the supplier's factory. So we can see everything correct and goods are stand by for shipping. 


5.Packing Services: Sometimes, for samples or goods some suppliers not packed very well, so there has a risk for broken on the way or being lost on the way. After we collect them, we will repack them safely and stable.


6.Translator: When you come to China, we can be your translator and guide. To save more time in buying China.


Q: How can I trust you?

A: First of all, Trust is very important. we give 2 free trial orders and no charges. We will help you check all of your goods, and inspect goods according to your requests. We will send all of your goods reports to your email after the inspection is finished. We are sure we can make you happy with our best services and want to build a long-term business.

Q: Do you purchase the price cheaper than me? 

A: Yes this is our advantage. because we are local and have more advantage to get lower prices than you, such as lower 15% -35% by your price. We arm at to help foreign small and medium companies discover valued suppliers in China

Q: What product can you help us with the source?

A: We can source any products according to your request. Just email us your requested details: such as product photos, quantities, colors, Size, product data, delivery time ….etc. We will give sourcing details within 24 hours. Time is money

Q: Can you design for us? 

A: Yes, we have a professional designer, please tell us your requirement, and let us do it for you.

Q: Do you cooperate with amazon sellers?

A: Of course, we know Amazon is very popular now, and also offers complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon label, FBA Shipping, etc. We are the best Amazon Purchasing Agent for global sellers

Q: Could you help us with small quantities for small orders?

A: Yes, just let us know the request for your products and then we can help you discuss MOQ with your suppliers. No small order, No big order!

How will your charge for your services?

We will charge the client 1%- 3%, based on the order situation and order value for 1 shipment, considering our work cost required.

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